The main brewer and the owner of De Cam blendery is Karel Goddeau who took it over from Willem van Herreweghenilt three years after its establishment. Karel learned the art of blending the lambics from Armand Debelder who is the owner of 3 Fonteinen. When De Cam was opened in Gooik, it became the first new traditional lambic blender to open in Belgium in nearly forty years. Maybe this was the reason, why king of Belgium decided to visit the blendery.

There is no lambic brewed in De Cam. Karel receives the lambic from Boon, Girardin, and Lindemans. All the beers blended by Karel are strictly traditional – he uses only traditional ingredients, methods, and techniques. Karel studied as a cooper so that he could personally maintain the barrels used at De Cam. The blendery is also a member of HORAL. Today, De Cam is still one of the smallest lambic blenders in Belgium. Yearly Karel manages to blend and bottle 250 hectoliters of beer.